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Covid-19 Update Oct 21

Church Family,

I just wanted to provide you a fresh update. I’ll start with the bad news, discuss the good news, talk about what the next two weeks will look like and end with what God is teaching me.

Bad News:

1. 3 of our church staff (including myself) and a number of church members have tested positive for Covid since Monday.


Good News:

1. All symptoms that have been reported to me so far are mild. Everyone is positive, encouraged, and in good spirits.

2. The community has been incredible. People are praying, reaching out, texting, and being very supportive and encouraging.

3. Our church has an unwavering desire to spread the message of Christ and the love of Christ. I’m quoting Steve Sanders when he said “the work of our church must and will continue!” That deserves an amen. We will continue to share the Hope and Love of Jesus as safely as possible during this time.

4. God is on His throne.


Where do we go from here?

1. Out of an abundance of caution we will CANCEL all indoor services and activities for the next two weeks (Sunday, Oct 25 and Nov 1)

2. We will CONTINUE to worship together at the Ballpark on Sundays @ 9:15.


What have I learned about God?

1. I’m continually amazed by the people of God in our church and community who are committed to carrying on the message of Christ and serving others during stressful times.

2. The events that have taken place in our church and community have not taken God by surprise. I’m convinced God is working all things together for our good and His glory and we will get through this.

3. God continues to demonstrate that the comforts of life are not ours to keep. He is our possession, prize, and reward. Let us keep Christ at the center.

4. That if I keep my mind on Him he will take away my fears.

Church, I love you and God is with us. I know the Lord will get us through these difficult days. My phone is always on and I’d love to hear from you. I’m going to ask you to please refrain from gossip of any kind during this time. Instead spend your energy on prayer. Prayer has benefits, gossip has no positive benefit. If you have questions, concerns, or want someone to talk to or pray with I’m always available.

Join me on your front porch tonight for 8:06 prayer.

In His grip,

Pastor Cliff

Covid-19 Update May 26

Church Family,


Our church leadership has recently met to discuss a way forward for our Church. We continue to monitor the current situation regarding Covid-19 and want to provide you with our most recent update. 


  • Beginning MAY 31st,we will host two identical worship services. 

    • Church @ The Ballpark 9:15

    • Church @ The Sanctuary 10:45 (Nursery Included)

  • There will NOT be Sunday School before worship on Sunday mornings at this time. However, a Sunday School class is free to reserve the Fellowship Hall any time during the week to meet. The Fellowship Hall allows for physical distancing of smaller groups. We ask groups to schedule their meeting times through the office.  

  • Children's and Youth Camps have been cancelled for this summer. 

  • We are making plans for VBS in July. We will have contingency options that allow for flexibility and adaptability as the date approaches.


We are each aware by this point that Covid-19 has changed many aspects of our lives. As such, we have had to modify our indoor worship service to help slow the spread of Covid-19. Here are some modifications that we have made.


  • An usher will help you to your seat on Sunday morning. This allows us to “physically distance” individuals and families six feet apart. 

  • The capacity of our Sanctuary under “social distancing” guidelines allows for 80 people in our Sanctuary.

  • The Fellowship Hall will serve as an overflow room on Sunday mornings.

  • The outer doors will be propped open to avoid contact with handles.

  • A sanitation cart will be at the entry door with mask, hand sanitizer, and gloves. 

  • Mask are appreciated but not required.

  • We will not pass the offering plates. Instead, there will be baskets placed in the back of the sanctuary where you can place your tithes and offerings. You can also give online, mail in your tithes/ offerings, or place your tithe in the giving drop box outside of the sanctuary.

  • We will not be having a “greeting” time during our service to limit physical contact. I (Cliff) will be handing out fist bumps and “Gun’s Up” instead of the normal hand-shake or hug.

  • Bulletins will not be handed out. All announcements will be made through PowerPoint.

  • We will NOT be able to provide coffee at this time. However, you are welcome to bring your coffee from home.

  • Pastor Cliff will stand at the front of the sanctuary following the service and will be happy to meet with you or pray with you there. 

  • We will be releasing everyone row by row following the service. The ushers will assist in this.

  • In addition to our paid cleaning service, and volunteers who take everyone’s health seriously, the deacons will be wiping down the sanctuary and all door handles before and after our church services. 

  • The nursery protocols will include a temperature check, a brief series of questions, and additional sanitization measures. CDC recommendations will be followed.

  • We are encouraging those over 65, those who are sick, and those who are immunocompromised to gather with us at our 9:15 service at The Ballpark or worship with us on Facebook Live. 

  • If you need assistance setting up Facebook Live at your home, please contact myself (469-525-5995) or Taylor (806-930-7499) for help.


These are trying times, but we can be of good courage and have joy in our Savior. We look forward to seeing each of you in the coming days either at the Ballpark or in the Sanctuary. We are praying for you and please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns.


Grace and Peace to you,

Pastor Cliff Holdridge – (469) 525 - 5995

Pastor Taylor Smith – (806) 930 - 7499

Head Deacon Steve Sanders – (806) 777 - 7423